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At OrthoTennessee Maryville, we work hard to provide the best possible experiences and outcomes for all of our patients. We understand that freedom and enjoyment that comes from increased mobility and decreased pain, and we often have patients tell us that because of their care, they can now live a fuller, more active life.

We would love to hear your story of what can you can now do because of your orthopaedic care? Let us know.

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Patient Testimonials

Thanks to my care at OTM, I have no pain in my hand! I am also getting relief from pain in my right shoulder through a recommendation for physical therapy. Dr. Asbury is very sociable and engages you about your injury or issue. He spends quality time to understand your problem. He is conservative in treatment and explains all of your options.
– Laurel O.
Dr. Asbury did a revision surgery on my knee. He did a great job and is a fine gentleman. I would like to thank Dr. Asbury for his full attention to my needs he made thinks so much better for my wife & I to see everything involved in the process and to clear things up for the both of us. I appreciate the way he conducted himself as a man that really does care about his patients, and for that I would like to thank Dr. Asbury and the whole crew - they are wonderful people. Thanks to all you guys for everything!
– Tony M.
Dr. Griffith and his staff, from the time I walk off the elevator until I step back on, have been terrific in every way! Friendly, welcoming people who create a relaxed atmosphere are so very valuable in an office where patients are (understandably) more than a little nervous!
This past September, I went to Dr. Griffith for meniscus surgery, and January 5th, for my shoulder. At my last visit, I forgot to bring the MRI CD. I wish I could remember the name of the lady at the front desk who took care of me. She really did "take care of me!" She spent a lot of time trying to resolve the problem without my husband driving the CD to the office, all the while smiling and trying to make me feel okay about my mistake. (I was embarrassed.) My husband did need to drive the CD to the office after-all, but he was greeted with "There's the hero!" Even my husband commented about the cheerful lady at the front desk.

In the back area, it has always been the same as the front desk- cheerful, up-beat people throughout the process. I am so very thankful, for I am one of their nervous patients. They make a difference for sure, and I wish my experience was the same in every medical office. It is not. You all are exemplary and appreciated.

I recommend Dr. Griffith as often as I can to anyone in need of orthopedic care. When I needed surgery on my knee, I asked all around town, and I heard the same good reports about Dr. Griffith from everyone. I was especially thankful for the good recommendations from nurses and other people in the medical field. Now, I recommend him too.

When I choose a surgeon, it matters if he or she has a good personality, but most of all, I want to know, "How is he at cutting?!!!" During surgery, I was asleep and I wouldn't know a good knee surgery from a bad one by observation, but he must have been doing it all right! The surgery went well and I healed well, and my good recovery happened without physical therapy.

I recommend Dr. Griffith as a surgeon, and also as a "doctor." Doctors are suppose to know how to handle patients as well as their problem. Dr. Griffith does both. He has a great personality for his calling. He used humor and light-hearted conversation when it was appropriate, and a serious tone when I needed it. And, I did need "a talk" about a touchy subject. I am overweight and this contributes to the problem that remains in my knee -arthritis. Dr. Griffith talked to me about losing weight in a manner that is very difficult to accomplish because I am "touchy" about my weight, embarrassed that that I have allowed myself to get to this point. Dr. Griffith was able to talk to me about my weight problem without leaving me feeling reprimanded. He made me feel like he was on my side, and he was talking about my weight because he really cared about me and my ability to minimize my knee problem. I am very thankful to him for this, and I thought about his kind words as I began my New Year's diet.
I hope that this was my last visit to an orthopedic office, but at 62, I think this is just the beginning of lasting relationship! With lots of things that end with "___itis" (arthritis, bursitis, tendinitis,...) I'll be back! I'm so glad that I do not have to drive to Knoxville; right here in Maryville, I can get great care from great people.
– Michelle S.
Thanks to my care at OTM, I can use my left hand like normal. I crushed my bone in my left ringer finger with a log splitter five years ago. I barely have a scar...the slight crack in the picture. Dr. Campbell didn't promise that my fingernail would return due to such severe nail bed damage but it did regrow. The compassion Dr. CAMPBELL AND NURSES give is worth a million dollars!! I've never met a physician with such heart for his patients and if the good Lord blesses me again I might come across another in the medical field.
– Danielle
Thanks to my care at OTM, I can...walk without pain or swelling in my knee, for the first time in 15 years! Dr. Morgan listens to patients. I received excellent care from the whole team at Ortho TN Maryville! Thank you!!
– Hope