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At OrthoTennessee Maryville, we work hard to provide the best possible experiences and outcomes for all of our patients. We understand that freedom and enjoyment that comes from increased mobility and decreased pain, and we often have patients tell us that because of their care, they can now live a fuller, more active life.

We would love to hear your story of what can you can now do because of your orthopaedic care? Let us know.

Share your story

Patient Testimonials

Thanks to my care at OTM, I can walk 9-10 miles per week.
– Michael H.
Thanks to my care at OTM, I can have relief from arthritis in my right knee. Dr. Justin Jones is a kind and caring doctor. Dr. Jones has answered all of my questions. My right knee feels better than it did before. Thank you, Dr. Justin Jones.
– Stacy A.
Thanks for my care from Dr. McBride at Blount Memorial hospital. I was involved in mountain biking accident while on vacation and went to the ER at approximately 7 pm. Because of the complexity of my wound The ER staff was unable to decide on the right protocol to clean and repair my wound. They wanted to admit me to the hospital and operate on me to primarily clean my wound( a bit aggressive option).

Dr. McBride was on call and she came to the ER at 1 am and she spent the next 2 hour cleaning and suturing my wound. She was very professional and had great bedside manner. She and nurse Janet worked together as a seasoned team. I left the hospital at 3:00 am after being there for 8 hours with a repaired knee and as important great confidence that Dr. McBride did everything possible to ensure my injury was properly taken care of.I am very grateful to her and Nurse Janet.
– Mike Z.
Thanks to my care at OTM, I can ... Have less pain in my fingers. I have been a patient here for 15 years, I always saw Dr.Griffith until he retired. I was so sad, but then I met Dr.McBride and I was happy again, she is so caring and compassionate and always explains everything clearly to you. I really like her and I'm so happy she is at Ortho.
– Belle W.
Thanks to my care at OTM, I can raise and use my right arm again. Thank you again Dr. Winn. You are my hero. Your staff at otm is great. I truly love you and your team.
– Cathleen
I appreciate the prompt and professional care I received from Justin Jones. His diagnosis relieved my concerns and his treatment allowed me to have the first unbroken night's sleep in several months!
– Alastair T.
Thanks to my care at OTM, I can use my left hand without it hurting. For a long time I wouldn't use my left hand as it cause me so much pain. I went to my primary care doctor; he quickly got me in with another ortho doctor who gave me shots and did all he could do to relieve my pain including wearing braces. Then the pain got so bad that even his care wasn't helping my hand any more. I made an appointment to see Dr. Winn and did my surgery on Dec. 18, 2019. Dr. Winn kept me informed on what to expect and told me to call his office if I had any problems. As we journey through my rehabilitation, I'm 95 percent done with any pain in my hand - at just 4 months into my 1 year of healing. Thank you so much, Dr. Winn and your team, for doing such a great job. I would recommend you and your team to anyone who has the same problem that I had. You and your team made me feel right at home when I came for a visit.
– Cathy
As of now (2019) I am doing amazingly well and have been since Sept and Nov of 2012. Dr. Griffith did first my left knee and then my right knee just 8 weeks later. It was a few days in the hospital and a handful of weeks at rehab because I lived alone in a house on a hill with stairs inside and out and I had no one to be with me in those early days and drive me to physical therapy. Went back to work at the end of December finished PT by the end of January and I was on my way. Did a mission trip in May of that next year with great success and no problems. I keep going and have not stopped yet. Yes, the surgery was hard, I had never had any before, the rehab was all a new experience, and physical therapy was tough. But with perseverance and a great Dr. whom I will always appreciate for his compassion and great skill as a doctor and surgeon and who prayed for all of us to be successful I am honored and have referred many to him and his office. He said I was his tremendous textbook case of success and I am ever thankful to my Lord the great physician for introducing me to Barry who introduced me to Dr. Griffith. My knees are great and I am loving life!
– Patricia B.
I fell in the hospital and my shoulder came out of the socket. Dr. Griffith came out of surgery put my shoulder back in place. He later repaired my shoulder and he was a great surgeon. I had no other problems with my shoulder after that.
– Steven M.
Thanks to my care at OTM, I can... Live a pain free day! My shoulder was so painful that it was difficult to focus on my job. I was unable to reach out and pick up a glass of water. I spent the day cradling my arm and taking OTC pain medicines. In desperation I came to see Dr. Asbury, it was difficult to identify what the cause of my pain may be but in an effort to afford me some relief he scheduled me for surgery. Post surgery he was incredibly supportive during my physical therapy and rehabilitation- today I am back to enjoying life- including swimming, riding my motorcycle and most importantly I can lift and carry pain free. The staff at OTM are very responsive and helpful. Willing to answer questions, assist with insurance issues and scheduling was never difficult. Dr. Asbury was knowledgeable, empathetic, patient and kind. I was worried that I was in the process of permanently losing the mobility in my arm, he affirmed to me that he would not allow that to happen and never broke that promise!
– Kellie F.
Dr. Winn was exceptional in his skill and attention to detail. He focused upon my wife throughout the entire 16 months we have had the privilege of him being her surgeon. He spent time to get to know her as a person and understood the importance of her trying to get back to her ability to play the piano as she taught music for 43 years in the Maryville City Schools. He also was willing to explain to me, a very worried husband, exactly what was going on. She is almost completely healed due to his hard work and patience.
– Chuck G.
Thanks to my care at OTM, I can...know that if we ever have another orthopedic emergency with our daughter, we know who we can count on for great service. Our daughter was injured at her school where we quickly took her to an Urgent Care to confirm our suspicions of a fracture. We were able to get in to see a specialist the very next day. Upon arrival the next day with review of her x-rays they immediately sent us over to the on-call surgeon, Dr. Winn who was working at Blount Memorial. Dr. Winn was very responsive to our questions and expertly performed her pin placement. In all of her follow up care the office as well as the doctor has been on time, courteous, and when Dr. Winn has his time with you it really feels like your time, and he isn't rushing to the next appointment. Out of a situation that could have been horribly frustrating and negative, it has turned out to be as positive of an experience as it could be. We are thankful to Dr. Winn and Maryville Ortho for the services that they provide. A special note to remark that our daughter has ASD and Dr. Winn was very sensitive to his approach with follow up care, even reassuring that if we had issues with the pin removal we could make special arrangements to have her taken back to the hospital for conscious sedation to remove the pins. If anyone reading this review has a special needs child and hesitant that Maryville Ortho isn't listed as "special needs" specialists, I would still not hesitate on at least a consult.
– Stacey T.
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